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Enabling patient-centric digital transformation

VIMPRO offer the opportunity to plug the gaps in our existing healthcare system. If you see an unmet patient need, VIMPROs might be an effective model to address it.


Offers the full plethora of treatment options and services to solve a patient's problem


Access healthcare 24/7 with online platforms (telemedicine, online chat), at-home prescription delivery, wearable integration and more


Hyper-focused on specific health issues that are neglected in healthcare, addressing underserved patient groups


What on earth is a VIMPRO?


VIMPROs are a new model for healthtech that represent the next wave of digital transformation in healthcare:

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Vertically INtegrated

Ownership of the Entire Value Chain

VIMPROs can optimise each component of the patient journey to deliver highly consumerised, frictionless healthcare experiences



Comprehensively Addressing Unmet Needs

VIMPROs are able to offer patients highly specialised, solutions to problems that are typically underserved by the existing healthcare system

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Delivering End-to-End, High Quality Care

By focusing on providing high quality healthcare, VIMPROs can create true alternative care platforms with strong engagement and improved outcomes

The VIMPRO ecosystem: